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VTG has consistently provided engaging and high quality entertainment over the years at Plush. The team is cohesive, friendly and professional making them exceptional to work with, the variety of talent is fantastic and they always bring an electric energy to any event they host. Highly recommended!

Adam, Plush, Head of Operations

What we offer

Are you looking for a drag queen for your event or venue? We have you covered at VTG with a proven track record of supplying the right drag act for the right event.

Whether you’re an experienced booker or never worked with a drag act before, we can walk you through every step of the process of running an unforgettable drag event! 

Services we offer include…

· Brunches · Stripper ladies nights · Karaoke hosting · Cabaret shows ·

· Bingo competitions · Quiz evenings · Club nights · Door hosts ·


Amazing! Was so great and the atmosphere created by the queen smashed it!

Katrina, General Manager at Walkabout

Nightclubs and late night Bars

If you’re looking to add something extra to your club night, get extra people through your venue or hold people for longer, a drag queen is a perfect addition for any night club or late night bar. We can offer a range of acts to keep customers entertained in your venue. Below are some of the most popular events we do for clubs or late night bars.

· Drag & Disorderly club nights · Solo queen club nights · Pre-trade brunches ·

· Karaoke · Cabaret shows · Bingo competitions · Door hosts ·


Drag queens are a great way to keep your pub’s regulars engaged with additional event nights whilst giving your local something to talk about. We have drag acts who have countless pub nights and shows under their belts. Whether you’re looking for a weekly quiz host or a way to spice up your bank holidays, we’ll have the right act for you. Below are some of the most popular events we do for pubs.

· Brunches · Karaoke · Cabaret shows ·

· Bingo competitions · Quiz evenings ·

Balls & Weddings

Make your wedding or ball stand out from the crowd! We’ve seen a growing demand for drag acts at this style of sophisticated event. We have singing hosts who can help add a level of class and high level entertainment to your ball or wedding. For this style of event please get in touch so we can arrange a call with one of our team to discuss your vision and get you the right act in.

Anything else!

We have a wide range of drag queens and kings available for booking. If you’re not a venue with any sound equipment we do have a selection of acts who have full PA and light systems! Whatever your drag requirement is please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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